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Who I Am

When people have asked me who I wanted to be when I grew up or what I wanted to do, my only response would be I just want to help others. In the beginning of my journey I couldn’t quite see exactly what this looked like or if there was a true title for it, so I simply explored options and allowed my gifts to make some room for me. Who would’ve imagined that a former shy violinist would explore paths that would lead her down a path of working on criminal justice reform, to social entrepreneurship, to artist management, to data analysis? I didn’t but my journey did. I’ve helped to create programming for inundated public defenders to zealously advocate on the behalf of their indigent clients in spite of a system that didn’t provide adequate support.  I’ve launched over 100 business owners from low-income communities assisting them in transitioning themselves from economic disparity to being economically empowered. I’ve taught the basics of business to refugee communities in an effort to help them re-settle and reconnect in their newfound homes. I’ve analyzed business data to help first generation entrepreneurs find new ways to scale their businesses globally. I’ve helped to hack the violence in Atlanta communities with my Goodie Nation family. I mentor young girls, who too have visions of sharing their gifts for the benefit of their community.   I’ve created a bridge of understanding with programming that connects the diaspora with African music, culture, and history.  I find joy in building out programs or systems that lead to the economic mobility of disenfranchised communities, I am optimistic about helping others find their own purposeful journeys, and I do ensure that all that I do and I am recognized for is reflective of a greater force within me. With all of this, I still find time to dance and enjoy the gift of laughter with those I love. Who knows maybe one day I’ll pick up that violin again too.


How to Connect With Me:

Don’t be shy say hi! If you have any questions, speaking requests, or desire to partner, leave a message below or send an email to hijewel@jewelthompson.com