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An award-winning social impact strategist with over ten years of experience working with NGOs, social enterprises, and start-ups.


Jewel Thompson is an award-winning social impact strategist with over ten years of experience working with NGOs, social enterprises, and start-ups. She has been invited to speak on her work and facilitate trainings and workshops within the United States, Europe, and Ghana. She is an assistant lecturer of entrepreneurship at Ashesi University and researcher. She is founder of Eco-Launch, a Ghanaian based business advisory firm that supports early growth African social impact startups that seek to expand their offerings globally through business training, strategy development, and access to financial tools. She is passionate about businesses that lead to impact. She is the principal consultant for Efie Consulting Group. She is also the co-founder of LITH, Africa, a mind health and wellness platform that supports the well-being of African university students. A former World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Acumen West African Fellow, 30 under 30 recipient and Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2021 honoree, she's a woman on a mission.

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When people have asked me who I wanted to be when I grew up or what I wanted to do, my only response would be I just want to help others. In the beginning of my journey I couldn’t quite see exactly what this looked like or if there was a true title for it, so I simply explored options and allowed my gifts to make some room for me. Who would’ve imagined that a former shy violinist would explore paths that would lead her down a path of working on criminal justice reform, to social entrepreneurship, to academia? I didn’t but my journey did. I’ve helped to create programming for inundated public defenders to zealously advocate on the behalf of their indigent clients in spite of a system that didn’t provide adequate support. I’ve launched over 100 business owners from low-income communities assisting them in transitioning themselves from economic disparity to being economically empowered. I’ve taught the basics of business to refugee communities in an effort to help them re-settle and reconnect in their newfound homes. I’ve analyzed business data to help first generation entrepreneurs find new ways to scale their businesses globally. I’ve helped to hack the violence in Atlanta communities with my Goodie Nation family. I mentor young girls, who too have visions of sharing their gifts for the benefit of their community. I’ve created a bridge of understanding with programming that connects the diaspora with African music, culture, and history. I find joy in building out programs or systems that lead to the economic mobility of disenfranchised communities, I am optimistic about helping others find their own purposeful journeys, and I do ensure that all that I do and I am recognized for is reflective of a greater force within me. With all of this, I still find time to dance and enjoy the gift of laughter with those I love. Who knows maybe one day I’ll pick up that violin again too.

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What People Are Saying

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    Jewel is, without doubt, a leader with substance, energy, and a deep commitment to supporting both entrepreneurs and our startup ecosystem in Ghana. Her humility, approachability and flair makes her a unique and important player in making Ghana an exciting place to build a business. She inspires, she leads, and she empowers. A thought leader, she is passionately dedicated to raising entrepreneurs up and adding value to our ecosystem as a whole. It’s a privilege to work with, and learn from her. Quite simply, I love working with her.


    Simon Turner

    Director, Founder’s Institute Accra
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    Jewel Thompson was instrumental in building our social impact organization. Her ingenuity, passion, and commitment to helping transform the justice system in America by training, mentoring and supporting public defenders working in under resourced communities was invaluable. Jewel is a natural leader that directs with sincerity and ensures that anyone working on her team is comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. She is a thought leader that never waivers in her commitment to service.


    Ilham N. Askia

    Executive Director, Gideon’s Promise
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    Jewel has been such an integral part of the success of the USAID-funded NEXTi2i and AVI programs; far beyond what was originally envisioned. On visiting Ashesi University and the first AVI workshop gathering on behalf of USAID, it was inspiring to see her dedication and passion for the program. It's sometimes easy to forget how much hard work has gone into the continued growth of these programs because Jewel has been working her magic behind the scenes to make it look so effortless.


    Brent Wells, PHD

    Program and Policy Advisor, USAID
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    Jewel is an excellent public speaker and an incredible ambassador for the various social impact projects with which she is involved. She presents her work in a manner that is informative, impactful, and engaging. It’s a pleasure to work with her and learn from her.


    Camille Smith

    Grants and Operations Coordinator, Ashesi Foundation
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    Jewel is an incredible advocate for entrepreneurial talent. In her work at the Ashesi Venture Incubator she curates opportunities to ensure ventures have access to the nuanced resources necessary to grow their organizations and impact.


    Megan M.E. Hastings

    Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ashesi Foundation
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    Jewel brings her ‘whole self’ to her work and the causes she believes in. I particularly admire her organizational skills and humility. Jewel combines head (expertise) and heart (passion and authenticity) in the service of the communities she serves. I’m honored to be accompanying Jewel in her leadership journey.


    Kome Oruade

    Senior Leadership Associate, Acumen Fund
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    Ms. Jewel Thompson is very conscientious, team oriented, diligent and collaborative in her approach to work. She's led a team of faculty at Palm Institute to design, develop and teach a fourteen week course in Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship. The Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship course will help prepare our students at Palm University for industry and entrepreneurship.


    Dr. Peter Carlos Okantey

    Founder and President, Palm Institute

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      Start-Up Growth Strategy Consultation (Individual)

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      Data Analysis / Business Development

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      Social Impact Strategy Consultation (Individual / Corporation)

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      Business / Non-Profit Program Development

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      Entrepreneurship Curriculum Development

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