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What I Do

I’m a business strategist, a researcher, data analyst, and social entrepreneur.  I’ve worked with several non-profit organizations and small businesses to help them redesign their business/program models. My global travels encouraged me to start my own management consulting firm, Efie Consulting Group, to provide more detailed service offerings for first generation entrepreneurs.

Cultural Storytelling

After winning the Miss Ghana Georgia pageant, I went forward to start the organization Ghana Youth United which produced medical mission trips to Ghana and brought forth the Young African Leaders Conference. Since the conference I’ve continued to hold programs that connect the diaspora to the continent.

Melanin at Kai Lin Art Gallery 1. 14. 17
Sharing the stories of young African creatives


How to Connect With Me:

Don’t be shy say hi! If you have any questions, speaking requests, or desire to partner, leave a message below or send an email to hijewel@jewelthompson.com